Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Poem uncooked (best taken raw) by Luciana

I dream of you

At another time

When life was so much simpler

And tears were just a tantrum.

I dream of you

Holding my hand

Kissing my face

Singing good nigth

I dream of you

Telling me stories

Holding me close

When I am scared

I dream of you

Hushing my fears

Wiping my tears

Caressing my hair

I dream of you

Listening to me cry

Praying so that God

Would heal my heart

I dream of you

Making me fall

So madly in love

An innocent romance

I dream of you

Coming back

Friends for life

Oh love me again

I dream of you

My sister at times of sorrow

My friend at times of joy

Accomplice at all times

I dream of you

My true love

Promises to love me

Till death do us part

I dream of you

Laughing together

Hiding from evil

Combatants in war

I dream of a love

So intense and pure

Never failing

Forever lasting

I dream of you

Beloved groom

I will never have to dream again

You will heal my broken heart, all will be new.

By Luciana B. Vieira

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