Saturday, January 27, 2007


If I smile, you inquire, why do I smile when everything is so uncertain?
If I cry, you inquire, why do I despair on every little sorrow?
If my face is tired... or wired... you complain still... why such an expression... why?
I realized that you don't really care about how I feel...
You don't really want to see me expressing anything...
In my eyes you see the words that I never said.
In my face you read the story of who we have become.
In my lips the marks of silence, the screams of insanity, the truth of reality.
My skin is the bed for all the tears that came down.
My eyes are so tired for all the sleepless nigths.
My freckles the ones you loved, became a reminder of what our dreams were and haven't become.
My eyebrows raised in concern and anger.
My cheeks red and swollen, unlike our love.
My smiles no longer justified, or comforting.
My heart transposed onto my face.
I am what I am, and I feel how I feel.
That's never gonna change.
Love me or leave me.
But acknowledge who I am.

By Luciana 27/01/07 00:47

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Andre said...

Muito bom!!

O texto é perfeito :D